Sandra Bain Cushman, Alexander Technique Teacher, Charlottesville, VA

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OMzine is the living archive of the January 2016 Orchestral Maneuvers At-A-Distance online course.

On OMzine the entire AAD site appears; everything the instructors posted—or almost everything, we are still negotiating!—during the AAD will be available to you to work with for three months, April 23 – July 23, 2016. The final week of OMzine V.1 we will present…oh, let’s wait & keep it a surprise!

Sandra Bain Cushman is the founder of Orchestral Maneuvers which offers creative strategies to orchestras, large groups, small groups and individuals.

She is on the Board for the Guitar Circle of North America, founded and directed by Robert Fripp of King Crimson.         

One of Sandra’s specialties is working with children and


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