An Orchestral Maneuvers/Safe Space Together flash course: In person and At-A-Distance

When: July 21-24, 2024.

Where: Charlottesville, Virginia with online support for those attending at a distance.

Cost: $125 for in-person attendance includes food and lodging;
$35 / 35€ contribution for AAD participation (no cost for those from Mexico, Central or South America).

Please join us in this collaboration between Orchestral Maneuvers and the Safe Space Together Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course directed by Sandra Bain Cushman, with faculty Thea Tupelo Schneck, Christina Fleming and Kim Cary. Justin Nelson, teacher trainee and professional jazz musician, will be assisting. Welcoming special guest Rob Rushin from the Center for Creative Aspiration, Atlanta, Georgia, where OM forms were discovered and developed 21 years ago.

Work in the kitchen, work in the house, circulations, games, sitting practice, Alexander Technique Five Relations review and application, & audience craft will be addressed. We will host a community event on Tuesday evening, which you may wish to mirror At A Distance.

At A Distance ZOOM sessions include opening meeting Sunday evening, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning sittings, Monday evening meeting with circulation games, final meeting Wednesday at 9 a.m. Eastern.

Please contact Sandra to register.

Orchestral Maneuvers  brings people together

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Sandra, the founder of OM has been a teacher of the Alexander Technique for 34 years and a mind-body educator for 40 years. She has worked throughout her career with Robert Fripp’s Guitar Craft/Guitar Circles North America, South America and Europe. 

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